Being an Elegant Lady – Advice to My Daughter

Daughter, times change and manners, styles, tastes, fashion and attitudes change with them. The core values of a true lady that men love and admire so much, however, do not. Be even more charming, attractive and feminine than you already are by following these simple tips on how to be a lady I am going to tell you.

1 – Always go easy on makeup

Do not overdo the makeup, daughter. It gives an entire wrong impression. Let your natural feminine beauty do the talking for you, not your heavy foundations of makeup powder.

2 – Maintain your decorum

Do not lose your temper and lash out. That is not a ladylike thing to do. Keep your calm and you will be able to handle things better.

3 – Think about posture

Sit straight, walk tall and you will look far more elegant. Maintaining a good, upright, posture will make you look confident and ladylike. It is also good for your back, so you will not get nagging back pains too.

4 – Always be Polite

Do not use swear words, do not shout, but use your intelligence and wisdom to get your point across. Raise your words not voice. Always remember that it is the rain that grows flowers not thunder. Remember too that your feminine smile is a weapon and it will achieve far more than being rude will.

5 – Take your time and be graceful

Remember daughter, grace goes hand in hand with femininity. Do not constantly bump into things or drop things. Slow up a little, there is no rush, and concentrate on being graceful.

6 – Show respect and consideration

If there is one single way of showing that you are a lady, then it is to show respect for yourself and for others. Respect and honor other people’s opinions and beliefs, just as you do respect your own. This way, other people will show you consideration and respect too.

7 – Always develop a thirst for knowledge

Take an interest in what is going on in the world and develop a will to learn. You do not need to learn to become a rocket scientist, but being able to show an understanding of what is happening in the world can only add to your feminine intrigue and attractiveness.

8 – Be open and friendly

Life is complex enough, daughter. A beautiful and charming quality to have is to be straightforward and honest. It is quite refreshing to talk to somebody who has nothing to hide and it will certainly add to your feminine charm.

9 – Do not go too low with the low cut

Daughter, always remember that your dresses should be tight enough to show you are a woman and loose enough to show that you are a lady. Leave something to the imagination when you dress up. That is far more potent than putting everything on open display. Leave your ladylike image intact.