Love advice to my daughter

  1. It is okay to love and be in love; however you are responsible for your own heart. No one can break it unless you give them that much authority over your feelings.
  2. Love stories can be beautiful and artistic. Don’t strive to achieve anything similar, but let them inspire love. Strive to equate inspiration with real experiences, not with fictional ones.
  3. The goal of dating is to find a guy you like just as he is and who likes you just as you are.
  4. If you don’t respect yourself, he won’t respect you — period.
  5. To keep a man, you must offer more than looks, age and chastity. You must cultivate a pleasant personality. Optimism, cheerfulness and an upbeat outlook are keys here.
  6. Pay attention to the way a man loves his mother. This is the way he will love you.
  7. Do something that you enjoy all by yourself once in a while. Enjoy your own company and learn comfort in silence.
  8. Love your mate as you would love yourself, but don’t make them your everything. If you lose them, you are left with nothing, so never lose yourself.
  9. If a person is good for you keep them around, if they aren’t, cut them loose. Not every person who say they “love you” is honest about that feeling.
  10. You will get your heart broken; but don’t worry. You will recover. Trust me, daughter, time heals.
  11. There may be a love that you never quite get over. You may always feel a longing and remember dear, that is ok. It means that you have loved deeply, and was strong enough to let go.
  12. You may break someone’s heart. Forgive yourself. We are all just trying to be happy.
  13. If he doesn’t know what he has, please don’t wait around until he realizes it. You could be off living another life with a better guy by then.
  14. If a man genuinely loves you, he will let you set the boundaries. Don’t let anyone take something from you they can’t give back. You set the tone for the sexual relationship.
  15. If he asks you to marry him and you feel any hesitation before you answer, say no. Marriage is a lifelong commitment you don’t want to enter with uncertainty. Trust your gut.