5 Reasons to Stop Dreaming about Your Ex

It is not surprising that we often think fondly of an ex-partner and wish that we were still together. After all, we did love them once. But it is rarely productive to spend time thinking about an ex. Here are some of the reasons you should stop dreaming about your ex. 

1 – It is over

It is often hard to come to terms with a relationship ending. But wishing that you could get them back is pointless. It will only hold you back and stop you from finding a new relationship. Frankly, it is better to move forward and remind yourself that it is all over with your ex.

2 – New Partner

Dreaming about your ex even when you are with your new partner is a disrespectful thing to do. It means you are not giving full commitment to your new relationship. You are wasting your time if your ex has moved on and have a new partner. Dreaming about them will not get them back.

3 – Cannot Make Them What You Want

When we dream about an ex, we are often seeing them as we want them to be, not how they actually are. But it is just not realistic. You cannot shape someone to be what you want. So let go of wishful thinking and move on.

4 – Ended for a Reason

In the midst of regret and pain, it is easy to forget that there are reasons why your relationship ended. Most likely, those reasons still exist. If your ex cheated, then trust issues will remain. If you fell out of love with them, but are thinking of them because you miss the intimacy, getting back with them would not mean you would fall in love again.

5 – False Hope

We often give ourselves false hope that we might be able to get back together with our ex some day by dreaming about them. But in due course, we realize the fact that it was not the right path for us and that our feelings have passed. We would not want to give our ex false hope, so why do it to ourselves?


It’s natural to spend time post-breakup thinking about an ex, since feelings don’t die straight away. However, it is not going to lead anywhere. So do not let it become obsessive. In time you’ll probably wonder why you ever cared about them. Have you ever got back with an ex, and how did it turn out?