7 Types of Guys who will Always Break Your Heart

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[pull_quote_center]When it comes to matters of the heart, sometimes we just have no control over whom we are attracted to. Oftentimes you may feel like a fool losing sleep trying to decode the guy who loved you one day and ignored you the next. We have listed a few types who are the 7 worst guys to fall in love with.[/pull_quote_center]

1 – The one who is still talking to his ex-girlfriend

The reason he is still speaking to his ex is that he is not finding the fulfillment from you. Stop trying to change him or make him choose you over her. You should not have to fight to get a man’s full attention.

2 – The one who previously dated your friend

It is like going after your friends’ leftover, especially after your entire group discussed about all his shortcomings? Not only do you already know his strengths and weaknesses as a boyfriend, but you also know what your friends really think of him. And they will think even less of both of you when you go after your best friend’s ex.

3 – The one with commitment issues

This kind of guy will tell you he cannot be in a relationship right now but then show up at the cinema with his new girlfriend next week. It is obviously just that he cannot see himself in a relationship with you, to be specific.

If he cannot commit now due to work, lifestyle choices or whatever other excuse he gives you, chances are he will not be able to settle down. He is the guy who will string you along only to cut ties for good later.

4 – The one who treats you differently in front of his friends

This kind of guy will be professing his love to you when you are with him alone. But when he is with his friends he might be calling you names or talk bad about you. Once he starts referring to your lady parts in a derogatory sense, you will not need Gandawin to tell you to stop liking him.

5 – The one who lacks ambition

This is the guy who is perfectly content with himself in having his mom make his bed in the morning and not having to work hard to earn a decent salary. You won’t be able to change this man. You cannot inspire him to get into some professions. He clearly has not matured and does not plan on doing so in the near future.

6 – The one who your friends do not like

While you are blindsided by your head-over-heels love, your friends are able to see this guy clearly. They witness sides of him that he might otherwise keep hidden from you. Sometimes your friends actually do know you better and know what the best is for you, especially when you might not be able to see it for yourself.

7 – The one who is bad for you

This is the guy who does not make you better. He makes you worse by his smooth power of manipulation. His bad habits rub off on you, his crappy attitude brings you down and his lack of self-awareness means you have to take care of him all the time.