6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Try to Change Him


By and large, women want the perfect guy. But there are numerous reasons why you shouldn’t try to change him. No one is perfect and trying to make someone into something they’re not isn’t going to lead to a happy future for either of you. If he’s right for you, he’ll seem perfect despite his flaws. Read the following tips and forget all you’ve ever heard about training your guy.

1 – It Tells Him He’s Not Good Enough

Trying to force a guy to change for you makes him feel like he’s not good enough for you or anyone else. That’s not fair to him. If you don’t like him the way he is, move on instead of treating him badly.

2 – Love Brings out the Best Naturally

The great thing about love in a couple is it brings out the best in both of you naturally. We all have flaws. When we fall for someone, we want to be the best version of ourselves Odds are, you’ll see him change naturally over time, leaving some of his worst habits behind. Treat him like a child and he’ll cling stubbornly to those nasty habits forever.

3 – You will Never Be Happy

Take some time to figure out why a guy needs to be a certain way to please you. The problem might not be in him probably. The problem could possibly be you’re not happy with yourself. Most likely you are just trying to ignore your own underlying problems by focusing on what is wrong with him. Stop trying to change him and focus on yourself for a while.

4 – It is Okay to Be Different

Don’t try to change him to be just like you. If you have problems, talk about the issues and learn to embrace the differences. Part of being a couple is enjoying what makes each of you unique. Different interests, habits, careers and goals are just another part of being in a relationship.

5 – You’ll Push Him Away

The moment a guy realizes that you’re actively trying to change him, he’ll become distant. Keep pushing and you’ll eventually push him away.  If you care about him, don’t force him into a corner. Odds are, he’ll leave rather than change.

6 – Causes Permanent Stress

I’ve had friends who have gotten divorces and one of the guys complained that his wife was always trying to change him. From pushing him to get a different job to hanging out with her friends instead of his, to even changing his hairstyle, she was never satisfied with him. This put a constant strain on the relationship. He was always agitated and she always felt like he didn’t love her enough. The stress finally got to be too much and they parted ways.

If something really bothers you about your guy, talk to him about it calmly. He’s much more likely to change if you ask nicely. Trying to force him to change or training him is a great way to lose the man of your dreams. Have you ever tried to change a guy? Share your experience in the comment section below.