Surprising Ways Marriage Makes You Healthier

You might not probably notice it, but there are countless perks of a married person. Here are some unexpected health bonuses of getting married.

1 – A longer life

Research showed that people in a steady marriage or long-term relationship are half more likely to die than singles during middle age. And that counted for factors like socioeconomic status and health problems. This is likely because having a companion keeps you emotionally enriched, socially connected and mentally stimulated, all of which are linked to better health.

2 – Lower stress level

It was found that when exposed to a stressful situation, the stress hormone cortisol increased more in singles than people in long-term relationships. And high stress levels can lead to a host of problems, from decreased immunity to digestive issues. While every relationship has its ups and downs, researchers say marriage seems to have a “dampening” effect on stress hormones, allowing twosomes to tackle challenges with their sanity (mostly) intact.

3. Lower risk for a fatal heart attack

Research showed that married people are less likely than singles to have a deadly heart attack. And they are more likely to have a better prognosis should they experience a cardiac event. Researchers guess this marital bonus may have to do with the continual support from the extra friends and family marriage affords spouses. Moreover, it might be due to the partner’s watchful eye monitoring for potential problems.

4 – Smoother recovery after surgery

It was found that married people who underwent heart surgery were three times more likely than the unmarried to survive for a least three months. It is because if you are emotionally connected to someone, you have something to live for. Hence, the better outcome for the coupled-up.

5 – Lower risk for deep depression

You probably won’t notice yourself getting into emotional despair.Since your significant other intimately knows your emotions and routines, he’s well-equipped to detect changes. Hence, you spouse can help identify and prevent a depressive spiral, if he observes you well.

6 – Lower risk for dementia

Research found that those living with their significant other during mid-life had a 50% lower chance of developing dementia. For those who got divorced without getting remarried led to three times greater odds of cognitive troubles. And those who had been widowed before middle age but never remarried were six times more at risk. It is all because having a lifelong companion can provide you into staying intellectually and socially stimulated into old age.