Building Trust in a Relationship

Even when we have no tangible reason for mistrust, don’t we just struggle with trust issues? This is because trust involves a whole array of complex feelings like faith, belief, hope, conviction, confidence, expectation, dependence and reliance. Frankly, trust is a huge emotional investment which can cause a lot of pain and heartache. Being viewed as trustworthy is not something that just happens by accident. Trust is something you must build. It needs to be valued and maintained. Here are a few steps on building trust in your relationship.

1 – Show him your flaws

Let him see your true colors. That way, you give him the opportunity to accept the real you- even if it reflects your insecurities. Once you realize he won’t criticize you for your cooking skills, or reject you for your bad hair, you’ll feel more comfortable revealing bigger things- like life goals and family issues- and trust that he will be totally supportive.

2 – Don’t judge

Every time your partner tells you something personal, express empathy and suggest solutions. If you criticize his behavior or dismiss his feelings, he will think twice confiding in you the next time. And if he judges you, tell him you don’t feel safe confiding in him and you felt attacked.

3 –Mean what you say

Make sure your actions support your words. Present yourself accurately no matter which crowd you are in. That way, you will show him you are a person who is worthy of his trust.

4 – Tell him the truth

Secrets create suspicion and mistrust. They tell your partner that there are limits to your relationship. Even small lies are like psychological termites. They take unnoticeable bites over time and eventually weaken the foundation of your relationship.

 5 – Be Reliable

Reliability is closely linked to trustworthiness, so make every effort to do what you say you will do.   No relationship flourishes when one partner is considered unreliable so take your commitments seriously if your want to be thought of as trustworthy.

6 – Express confidence in him

When we are entrusted with someone else’s feelings and they express confidence in us as a person, it makes us want to do the right thing. It means that they feel that we are trustworthy and that they can rely on us. When you express confidence in your partner they feel valued.

Trust is an all-important ingredient to a healthy and happy relationship. But trust usually has to be earned and valued enough to make certain your actions will do nothing to jeopardize that trust. To help your partner believe and to remove any doubts at all, do things together. Do them for one another. Spend your time together erasing any doubts of any kind. The trust will be nourished, the intimacy will grow and your relationship will be healthy.