8 Signs He is Getting Serious about You

Happy Couple

In a relationship, it is easy to assume that you are serious about each other when things are going well. But it is sometimes hard to know whether he is serious about you or not. To help you figure out where your relationship is headed, we have narrowed down a few clear signs in the following:

1 – He is genuinely interested in you

Even if he works at completely different field, he wants to understand exactly what you do, how you ended up where you work and what you like about it. It shows he wants to learn more to win you over.

2 – He remembers something you mentioned in passing

Long ago, you once had mentioned how allergic you are to peanuts. So, when you both go out to have dumplings, he orders the one with no peanut for you. It means he had been retaining the things you shares with him. And shows how much he is attentive towards your words and how much he cares about you.

3 – He wants you to befriend his friends

He introduces you to his friends. He is eager to show you off and let everyone knows he is dating you. It is his way of letting people knows that you are someone special in his life. Other signs include keeping his attention on you and being affectionate towards you even when you are at social gatherings or while going out with friends.

4 – He Seeks Your Advice

He asks your opinions on anything or everything in his life. For instance, turning to you for advice on a personal family matters or what to wear for his important interview, etc. It is a good sign that you are important to him. And he is making clear that he values and respects your opinion.

5 – You feel comfortable telling him about something that upsets you

Maybe it is dissatisfaction at work, problems at home or your issues with your friends, you just feel like you can trust talking about it all to him. And you can count on him on offering suggestion on solving the problems and for his sympathetic ears that you need most.

6 – He checks in on you

If you tell him you are going to have a very busy week at work, he might offer to get together over the weekends instead. Moreover, he texts you every now and then to see how everything is going with you and if you need anything.

7 – He loves seeing you or hearing from you

He would call you regularly. He loves your voice and doesn’t just want to communicate through messaging and texting. He loves seeing you too. He would always say how he cant wait and how he is looking forward to next date with you.

8 – You love talking about him

Usually you are careful about how much you reveal about such things to parents to see how the relationship goes first. However, you feel excited and tempted to tell about him to your parents. And you can’t just stop telling your friends on how nice he is.