Secret Signals That Say You are Unapproachable

More or less, we all have been there before.  Whether it is a night on the town with the girls or flying solo running errands-a handsome guy crosses your path and all you want to do is stroll over to him, introduce yourself, and initiate a spontaneous, yet meaningful, conversation that showcases your personality and builds his attraction to you. You may be beautiful, intelligent and smart yet sometimes it may seem like no amount of silent prayer or aggressive crushes will get that cute stranger to take a hint and chat you up. Could you be scaring men away before they even approach you? Or probably you would be driving them to utter boredom with your pointless banter or chronic over sharing? Let’s find out the what is it about you that is making you unapproachable.

You Look Pissed
Hey perma-scowl, swap the pouty lips for a genuine, friendly smile and your eye candy for the day will be more likely to approach you. The majority of men agreed that an unfriendly facial expression will keep them from approaching you, so flash those pearly whites at the guy you’ve been eyeing!

You’re Not Locking Eyes

What is harder than approaching a stranger? Approaching a stranger who hasn’t acknowledged your existence with even a brief look, of course.  “I need to see, by her looking and smiling at me, that she wants me to approach her. If I don’t see it, I don’t approach,” says Anonymous. So next time you think he catches you looking at him, don’t look away — hold your stare for a few seconds so he knows you’re looking — and that you like what you see.

You’re Too Flirtatious

A chip on your shoulder is a turnoff to any guy waiting to make his approach — but so is the other extreme. It is a put off when women cross the line from friendly to flirty…with everyone they see. And also the chronic over-sharer tends to get too personal too fast, both in romantic and professional conversation, which tends to be another big turn-off. Sure, he’ll notice you if you’re the loudest, most aggressive girl in the room — but not in a good way.

You’re Surrounded by Friends

Senac writes, “Being surrounded by more than one friend makes her less approachable because of the embarrassment of being rejected in front of more people.” Make sure you’re giving him the opportunity to approach you alone.