Tips to Deal with Rumors

1 – Try to ignore the background noise of people’s comments about you. Remember that the rumor will eventually die down.

2 – Have a good friend to talk to and try to come up with a plan to make sure it isn’t about you.

3 – Remember that it’s okay to have emotions. Let those tears, angry words, or any feelings out of your system.

4 – If all else fails, ignore the rumors.

5 – Have your friends tell everyone who mentions it, what really happened or that it’s not true.

6 – Above everything, stay calm. People love to see a reaction. You staying calm will help you kill the rumor, and will help you with similar instances in the future.

7 – Try to act like it doesn’t bother you and if it does don’t show that it does. Keep your head up high.

8 – Talk it out with the person that believed the rumor and tell them what is really going on.

9 – Remember that you know the real truth, others are just doing it for amusement. If it’s a very very bad rumor, tell lots of adults and sort things out. Don’t be ashamed of a rumor being spread about you, people do it because they’re jealous!

10 – If you are going to confront the person who spread the rumour remember not to be rude. Being rude will make that person annoyed and tempted to spread more rumors.

11 – If the source of the rumor doesn’t stop after adult-confrontation, it may become harassment. You may need to do more than just talk to an adult.

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