Your Husband Has 5 Basic Needs. Are You Meeting Them?

Fulfilling your husband’s needs does not mean you’re inferior to him. It means you love him and want to make him happy. Are you doing that? The key to a successful marriage is unselfishness. If you can put your spouse’s needs above your own, you are on the right track. If you truly love your spouse, then you want to make him happy, and these five things generally make men happy — simple as that.

1.     Recreational companionship (i.e., doing some hobbies together). Show your husband you care about him by showing some interest in his hobbies. He may even return the favor and spend the day doing what you want to do!

2.     Sexual fulfillment. Never treat intimacy like a game — to never withhold it as punishment. Doing so only intensifies feelings of negativity and resentment. Intimacy brings couples together better than anything, and if it’s important to your husband, it needs to be important to you.

3.     Admiration. . Remember, as often as possible, show and tell your husband how much you love and appreciate all he does for you and all the hard work he does for the family. Don’t let it all go unnoticed.

4.     Domestic support. You and your husband may share household chores and other home responsibilities equally, or your husband may need you to handle these responsibilities more often if he is busy handling others. Again, in a healthy relationship, your husband should be doing his part. If this is the case, fulfill hubby’s needs by cooking meals, washing dishes, keeping your home clean, etc.

5.     An attractive spouse. We understand that being a mother of kids, it is hard to actually have five minutes of privacy. But don’t let this type of thing become a habit. Put effort into making yourself attractive to your spouse. If you don’t see your husband until he walks in the door 30 seconds before dinnertime, schedule a few minutes beforehand to freshen yourself up. It will make you feel great too.

Examining these five needs is a great way to look deeper into your marriage to determine your husband’s individual needs. Whether a marriage is in trouble or not, when spouses fulfill each other’s needs, the marriage becomes stronger.

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