An Open Letter To My Cheating Ex!

Dear you,

It’s been a while. I will be lying if I said I did not think of you all these days. There was a time when I could see nothing beyond you and think nothing apart from you. But now there is a difference, now you are the person who made me realize my self-worth and how wrong I was when I thought of you as the person I would spend my life with.

I still remember the first time we kissed, a shiver went down my spine and as they say, it only happens when you have found your one true love. I held on to that thought till the very end. The End! Something that brought tears every time I even thought about it, something that I never wanted to go through, and something I thought would break me apart and leave me in pieces to die miserably. But look, here I am; happier and more content than I ever was.

Now that I have gone through it, I realize how wrong I was all along. I have realized my worth and the fact that you do not deserve me, not at any cost. I feel stronger now and the reason is you.

Here I am thanking you for those times.

When I could see nothing beyond you. No matter how you treated me, how much you disrespected me, how you didn’t care a bit, I was simply happy for the fact that you are with me.

When you introduced me as your friend and not your girlfriend, leaving me wondering what is it that I am lacking that you cannot accept me. For all the times when I used to look at myself and wonder, am I not good enough for a guy like you?

When I used to save your text messages which made me smile, because those were a rarity. Those were my only source of hope when you left my side without any explanations.

When you disappeared for days and I would wait for your call with tears of fear in my eyes. When all kind of ‘what if’ situations came to my mind and I would pray for you to be alright and come back soon. The joy I felt when I saw your name pop up on my phone. That feeling is something you will never understand.

When I could hear girls giggling behind you over call, trusting you blindly when you said they are your friends and you are just dropping them off. Little did I know, what the truth actually was.

When I thought I am being a good girlfriend by obeying all your orders when really I did not have any authority of my own on my own life.

For times you left me when I wanted you the most, for all the times you treated me like waste, for all the times you broke my trust while I was thinking about this magical place full of love, where you and I will live together till death do us part.

Thank you for all the unanswered calls, unexplained disappearances, unfaithful nights and untruthful promises.

Thank you for showing me what not to fight for, what not to cry for and what not to love. It is true that people learn from their mistakes. Thank you for being mine.

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