10 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy


Happiness is a choice. It is totally up to us. But there are certain things we hold on to that actually hinder our joy. Today let’s look at some things and habits you need to give up in order to be happy.

1 – Give up complaint

Complaining never brought anything good to those who indulge themselves in it nor did it ever solve any problems. Have positive mental attitude and learn to be an optimist as much as you can. If something goes wrong, instead of complaining, remember, there is always a solution.

2 – Give up and let go of the past

Past will always remain an illusion, it will always stay in the past. Therefore, instead of wasting your energy and emotions on dwelling in the past, start focusing your attention on the present moment – this is the only reality we have and will ever have.

3 – Give up criticizing and judging others

In order to give up criticizing other people, we need to understand that we all are not the same. The world would be quite a boring place, if everyone has the same desires, tastes, habits, goals and dreams. Letting go of criticism and judgement can tremendously improve your life and help you to be happier.

4 – Give up your attempt to please everyone

Stop conforming yourself to other people’s standards. It is quite impossible to please everyone. Instead, be true to yourself, follow your bliss and walk your own way.

5 – Give up self-criticism

A healthy dose of self-criticism, in order to adjust yourself and make improvements never hurts. But many people constantly criticize themselves and be tough on themselves. Such negative self perception can be very discouraging and sometimes, even harmful. If you want to be happy accept yourself fully and completely. And then you will see how life will change for better.

6 – Give up your fear of change

Changes migh look scary, but this is just the part of progress! Without change, it is very hard to move forward. Life is a constant progress. By sticking in our “comfort zone”, we resist changes and are, even, scared of them. Try to shift your perception and see change as an improvement.

7 – Give up the thoughts about your ex

Your ex is in the past now. There was a reason why it didn’t work out between the two of you. By letting go the thoughts about your ex – you liberate the place for new love to enter your world.

8 – Give up on blaming

By blaming something or someone, you waste your precious energy that could be used for building up new things. Therefore, give up on blame, calm down and take full responsibility for your own life.

9 – Give up all your “I can’ts”

The only person who prevents you from succeeding is you. And this means you can change your attitude. Decide that “you can” do it and start moving toward the accomplishment of your dream.

10 – Give up your fears

Thomas Carlyle said: “The first duty of man is to conquer fear; he must get rid of it, he cannot act till then.” Fear is just an illusion, created and sustained by people’s mind. Get rid of it and live a more fulfilling life.