What Your Lipstick Color Says About You?

Lipstick shades are generally matched with the colour of the dress. But off late, research has revealed that a random choice of lipstick shade says a lot about your personality!

Colour and Personality

Every colour stands for some qualities, which we all are well aware of. Your favourite colour says a lot about your personality. Similarly if you dislike a colour strongly, it too reveals an aspect of your mind.

  • It is said that lovers of red are vigorous, lively and deep down in their heart; there is a strong requirement of physical fulfilment.
  • While blue and white stands for peace
  • Green stands for envy and the colour psychology will tell you a lot about this.

Using lipsticks helps to highlight your lips. It is the first thing that will draw the attention of the onlookers. Hence, a girl chooses her lipsticks very carefully and with her choice, emerges her personality traits.

1 – Red:

If you love to wear red lipstick shades, it proves that you are passionate, sensuous, bold and full of energy.

2 – Sweet pink:

This shade is sweet and very much girlie. This colour is always associated with cuteness. It is well understood that it is also a colour of soft natured women.

3 – Brave Brown and peculiar plum:

This brings out an adventurous personality that stands out among the lot. These women are off the beaten track. They would love to walk through uncharted paths rather than follow the obvious. They love challenge and have an aura of mystery around them.

4 – Gothic black:

Of late, this shade has invaded the world of both the nail-paints and lipsticks as it stands out from the crowd. Those who would fall for black lipsticks are quite difficult, if not frightening. A pair of black lips imposes inapproachability on the looks. Even if the person does not turn out to be that unapproachable, she does not like mixing with people.

5 – Naturally nude:

Those who love to wear a nude look are not likely to have any pretensions. They are simple and down to earth. At the same time, they are also confident about their natural looks. They are easy going, cool and calm.

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