6 Rules for Being a Fabulous Woman

Beautiful young business asian woman using laptop in a car

How much does it take to be not just a woman but a fabulous one? It all depends on how you look at it. If you are focusing on appearances, all it takes would be money and some expert advice on style, perhaps. But if you want to know the secret ingredients of fabulous womanhood, here they are:

1 – Shine from within with a smile

Even the most stylish outfit will lose some of its charm, if your expression tells the world you hate it. A smile, on the other hand, will invariably make you look even more beautiful, not to mention making you feel better.

2 – Cultivate the skill of being a good listener

We all want to be listened to. But few are those among us who can actually listen and hear what someone else is saying. Besides the fact that being able to listen is good manners, it is also useful to you. You get to see things from a different perspective.

3 – May your words be filled with kindness

Being able to listen complements how you talk. And how you talk reveals a lot about how you think. Take the time to think before you say something. Too much pain in the world is caused by people who speak before thinking. Offending people is not attractive and it is not a demonstration of honesty. You can be honest without being hurtful. May your words be filled with kindness.

4 – Cultivate inner peace and harmony

Losing your temper at the drop of a pin goes directly counter to the idea of attractiveness. Find a way of keeping your emotions under control that works for you. Some meditates, others pray and others find ways to release their anger in a safe way. See what works for you. Cultivate inner peace and harmony every day.

5 – Learn and grow constantly 

Always be open to learning new stuff, regardless of the subject area. Continual learning helps you keep your mind active, and your mind has a great influence over your body. Keep your mind young and you will keep your body young too.

6 – Be bold and try new things

Don’t be afraid to experiment – within certain limits, of course, not endangering your life or the lives of others. Try mountain-climbing or go on adventures and explore new places. It’s really invigorating and can do wonders for your self-esteem.

What are your rules for being fabulous?

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