10 Tips to be a Likeable Person


Some people say that they do not care if people like them or not, but for most it is not the case. Most of us want to be liked, and if we feel that we are not accepted or liked, then that can be quite upsetting. We cannot, of course, be liked by everyone, but we can take steps to make ourselves more likeable. Being liked is more, than just a good bonus for the ego. It also reduces stress and increases our sense of wellbeing and makes life generally easier and more enjoyable. Here are ten simple ways that you can get more people to like you:

1 – Be more courteous, never leave your wonderful manners at home

Words such as ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ never go out of fashion, but they do get forgotten in today’s busy world. It does not take a lot of effort though, to be courteous and it really does not take up a lot of your time. So remember your manners you are out, they go a long way towards you being liked.

2 – Smile more often

Smiling is the simplest way to become more likeable. A genuine smile will make those around you happier and you too. People do not want to be around other people who are going to bring them down. So, smile and you instantly will become someone, who others want to be around.

3 – Treat others as you would like to be treated

This is a really straightforward rule to follow, if you want more friends. You would not like it if someone was rude to you or ignored your problems and needs. So do not do it to others. If you give people the same level of respect that you would like them to give you, they will naturally think of you, as a likeable person.

4 – Be a good listener

Being a good listener is another great tip on how to get people to like you. Give people a chance to get their point of view or their story across, and they will want to talk to you again. We all have plenty of things that we want to say, so give others a chance to talk and that way you will learn more too.

5 – Always be honest, transparent and true

It is always in your best interest to be honest with people. A true friend would never lie. And if you get a reputation for telling stories, then none will ever believe a word you say or want to be around you. Honesty gives you an air of integrity that people will respect and come to trust.

6 – The right amount of eye contact never hurts

If you feel that people do not like you, it could be that you are inadvertently giving off the wrong signals through your body language. If you are gazing off into space as someone is talking to you, then you are looking bored, disinterested and rude. Make a reasonable amount of eye contact with people when they talk. But do not stare! That is equally rude and even threatening.

7 – Show some empathy, be compassionate

Being compassionate and showing sincere empathy is another good tip on how to get people to like you. Showing someone that you understand how they feel is a great way to get them feel warmed. Simple phrases like ‘I understand’ or ‘I know exactly how you feel’, will let the person know that you are on common ground and it demonstrates that you are someone that they can talk to.

8 – Offer to help, be generous, show kindness

Offers to help, however small, will also help to make people like you. Show a little kindness by offering to carry one of their heavy bags or asking if they want a coffee. These little things cost you nothing and do not take you out of your way, but they will be appreciated and remembered.

9 – Compliment people; always do it sincerely, from your heart

Everyone loves to be complimented. So do not forget to tell someone how great is their new book, how nice their new dress is or how great their new hairstyle looks. If a compliment is genuine, the other person will be pleased that you notice and be flattered that you cared.

10 – Body language trick that works

Another body language tip on how to get people to like you is to not look too assertive and dominant in a conversation. Tilting your head slightly to one side shows a person that you are interested in what they are saying. And it looks less aggressive than facing someone square on.