How to be charming and attractive lady?


1 – Be positive and active. Always vibrate good energy.

2 – Forget about your imperfections. Think only about your good qualities.

3 – Find your favorite perfume and always stick to it. Often, people are associated with a special smell, let yours be sweet.

4 – Don’t try to please everybody. It is impossible.

5 – Trust in yourself, listen to your intuition and always do what you think is right.

6 – Never be late. Do value other people’s time.

7 – Smile while looking at yourself in the mirror every morning; it will instantly give you a great mood.

8 – Never lie. It will free you from uncomfortable situations.

9 – Never speak badly about other people, especially when they are absent.

10 – Often say “I love you”, to people whom you really love.

11 – Look straight into their eyes when you converse with other people.

12 – Compliment people sincerely.

13 – Cultivate good sense of humor. Laugh at yourself at times.

14 – Be a good friend. Don’t allow people to talk badly about your friends in your presence.

15 – Love yourself and love your body. Do something pleasant for yourself often. Go for a massage, do a face mask, etc.

16 – Be kind and polite to all people.

17 – Find your own clothing style. Wear only things that you like and that suit you.

18 – Never stop learning. Cultivate your talent and try to learn new skills.

19 – Think about pleasant things while falling asleep. This will help you wake up in positive mood in the morning.

20 – Always do manicure and pedicure. Guys notice beautiful hands.

21 – Do some sports, such as, dancing, yoga or just walking. It is nice being a fit lady.

22 – Avoid quarrels and conflicts. Love peace.

23 – You can’t imagine what one drop of lip-gloss can do. Use it.

24 – Never copy anybody. It’s better to be original than a copy.

25 – Read more. Interesting mind is attractive.

26 – Never shout at anybody. It is not for ladies.

27 – Be sexy but not vulgar. Wear whatever you like, red lips or short skirt or opened blouse, but never all of these together.

28 – Smile often. Let the whole world see how happy you are.

29 – Talk less about yourself. Let people ask questions. Mystery is attractive.

30 – Learn to gracefully walk wearing high heels.

31 – Be sensitive to other people’s needs, always help when you can. It will bring you happiness.