How to get a flat stomach faster

Girl Working Out

[pull_quote_center]Getting a permanently flat stomach can take a lot of effort and time to achieve it. But there are some simple changes in diet and some exercises that can make a difference quickly. If you want to know how to get a flat stomach fast, here are some tips to help you achieve that.[/pull_quote_center]

1 – Chew your food

Bolting down your food without properly chewing it first, makes it harder to digest. And it also increases the likelihood of you developing more gas in your stomach. Chewing your food well will help you avoid bloating as well as overeating.

2 – Crunches alone will not do

Concentrate on improving your diet. Then work on cardio to help you lose the weight and lastly, concentrate on crunches to tone the muscles.

3 – Cut down on salt

A major cause of bloating is sodium, so cut down on sprinkling extra salt on your food. Sea salt is better than table salt. And also, watch out for soy sauce as well as it too has high sodium content.

4 – Cut out the sugar

Sugar can be very fattening. Moreover, if you reduce your sugar intake drastically, it can promote the occurrence of a hormone called Glucagon, which helps you to burn off the fat.

5 – Eat between lunch and dinner

Be sure to eat a high protein snack between lunch and dinner. It’s important to eat every three or four hours to keep your metabolic rate up and blood sugar levels balanced, but make sure that your snack choices are healthy and low in calories and high in protein.

6 – Control your portions

Eating regularly, but with smaller portions is far better than a crash diet. Try and increase the whole grain in your diet, as whole grain food has been proven to help you lose abdominal fat in particular.