Gym-less weight loss tips

Pretty Girl Exercising

Having gym membership is not a compulsory condition for losing weight. You can still lose weight without using the gym facilities. Please continue reading this article to find out the secret.

1 – Take a walk , run or jog

An average person can burn 400 calories just by walking 10,000 steps. Walking and running are great cardiovascular exercises that shall keep your heart and your body strong. Be it around Mandalay Moat or Inyar Kan Boung, let’s get out and begin the run.

2 – Get on your bicycle

Cycling is a great form of exercise. It is cheap and environmentally friendly too. Why not keep your body fit by choosing to cycle short distance commutes?

3 – Put some extra effort into chores

Mundane activities of mopping and cleaning the floor can be uninteresting for us. They can be physically demanding too. However, try and do it faster than usual and it help you break some sweat. It helps you save some time too. Make sure you clean it well though. Not just quickly.

4 – Create a home workout regime that suits you

There are many types of exercisewhich can be done at home. For example, yoga, pilates, dancing, martial art etc. To get the technique right, you can either choose to rely on a book or learn it from the experts on the YouTube. Wouldn’t it be nice to get fit without leaving the comfort of your house?