5 Home Remedies for Irregular Periods


Beginning anywhere in between the preteen years of menstruation, and the years of pre-menopause, irregular periods can have a large impact on your life. For women of all ages it can be quite frightening at times, as well as downright inconvenient when trying to be prepared. After a while getting your period ends up being an even bigger nuisance, and let’s face it. Periods are already just that.

There are of course many different treatment options, and some will work better for others. However, some doctors will fail to inform patients about the many different irregular periods’ natural remedies. Some are even as close as your refrigerator, or in a nice warm cup of tea.

Natural remedies for irregular periods

Teas and herbs

 Commonly you would blend these herbs in with a green, white, or black tea, however some can be consumed by themselves too. It might take a few tries to get a blend more palatable, so the addition of lemon, honey, stevia or milk might help with taste.

Culinary herbs that are quick and easy to toss into dishes include cilantro, coriander and ginger. You can easily use them in your everyday cooking, and fresh is best for the most potent herbs.

Juices, vegetables and fruits

Juices are best freshly squeezed or in frozen concentrate form to offer the best nutrition. Vegetable and fruit juices have high amounts of vitamins and minerals the body needs to work properly. Deficiencies can quickly cause a woman’s cycle to become irregular and erratic, so getting proper nutrition is ideal. Fresh fruit and fresh vegetables can give the same results, though it can be difficult to find some fresh produce when not in season.

Seeds and culinary herbs

Seeds make a wonderful snack or a great salad topper. Sesame seeds are an excellent way to add more nutrition while helping to normalize your irregular periods, as are cumin seeds. Both can be served with warmed honey over toast, for a tasty treat.


For some women, eating unripe green papaya can normalize irregular periods associated with menopause. It might even work for other types of irregular periods too.


Choosing to exercise less, or by choosing less strenuous exercises can help to regulate periods, for instance, including more low-impact total body exercises like yoga or swimming. Remember that even though exercise is the backbone of a healthy lifestyle, like rich foods too much can be a bad thing, especially if you have a medical condition.

Final thoughts

Remember that no two bodies are alike, so while some remedies might work wonder for one woman, another woman might find her cure using a different natural remedy. Take the time to listen to what your body needs, relax, and enjoy life as you savour these yummy ways to reduce or possibly end your irregular periods.