Where Did the Time Go?

1 – Those who waste the most time are usually the first to complain of having too little.
2 – Being busy is not the same as being productive.
3 – Do you repeat mistakes or learn from them?
4 – Do you invest your time or spend it?
5 – Do little daily distractions sidetrack you from getting big things done?
6 – Do you spend more time stressing about what has to be done or doing it?
7 – Do you gravitate to things that you enjoy or to your priorities?
8 – How many times do you redo something because you rushed it the first time?
9 – Do you let other people hijack your time?
10 – Do you believe in preventative maintenance or wait until things break down?
11 – Do you address small problems before they get BIG?
12 – Do you anticipate situations or react to them?
13 – Do you buy time by getting less sleep and then lose time because you’re overtired?
14 – Do you buy things because you think you like them, only to return them later?
15 – After making decisions, do you look forward or backward?
16 – How much valuable time do you waste trying to save a few dollars?
17 – Are you productive while you’re waiting for someone?
18 – Are you conscious of how you spend your time?
19 – Do you help everyone except yourself?
20 – How many times do you read something before acting on it?
21 – The two greatest time-savers are saying, “I don’t know” and “I was wrong.”
22 – Do you fill up your gas tank or make several stops each week?
23 – Do you stress over things that you can’t change?
24 – Do you spend more time building relationships or mending them?
25 – Do you set aside quality time with your family?
26 – It’s important to say no to some people in order to say yes to others.
27 – Do you take the time to reflect on your day?
28 – Do you have more on your to-do list than you can possibly do?
29 – Do you select one thing to accomplish each day?

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