5 Important Ways To Rise From Defeat

Everyone falls down once in a while. We shouldn’t let defeat, failure or making mistakes overcome us because some things are just meant to be. Accepting moments as they happen and as they are will lead to your own self-liberation and a path towards something better. Maybe you have been built to encounter such test and defeats to know what you can overcome.

Here are five ways to rise from defeat:

1. Remember why you started

2. Get up and try again

3. Silence the voices

4. Find support (extrinsic motivators like family, friends and mentors will fuel your motivation.)

5. Learn patience the right way

We all carry a massive weight on our shoulders and it feels as if the world has come to an end. Defeat it is just a small thing, so let go. The world goes on regardless and you still exist. Failure offers you a new perspective and a new breath in life to say to yourself: it’s ok.

Think of a spectrum; somebody out there on one end doesn’t have the same opportunities as you so in that regard feel blessed and humbled that you have something.

How are you going to rise from defeat? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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