9 Tips for Those Led by Pride

1 – If you are wrong. Just accept it. Don’t ever be too big to own your mistakes. That’s weak.

2 – Don’t try to win every single battle. Sometimes you just have to let things slide, especially when it won’t matter later.

3 – Everything can’t go your way. “My way or high way” is the lonely way. There is no happiness without compromise.

4 – Listen! Open ears solve problems faster than open mouths.

5 – Never stop growing. We all have things we can change about ourselves to become better. Change is a product of growth.

6 – If you care, speak up. Don’t let the reason you are unhappy be because you are too proud to say how you feel and what you want.

7 – Don’t make things bigger than they are. If it won’t matter tomorrow, don’t stress it today.

8 – Know how to make it right, apologies require action. If you are always sorry but nothing changes, you are really just selfish.

9 – Most relationships fail because couples fight with pride more than they work with love. Don’t let your pride break your heart.

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