12 Indicators You’re Emotionally Intelligent

Emotional Intelligence is a significant quality in most successful people as it helps you build interpersonal and social relationships. When probed it was discovered that high achievers have high emotional intelligence. While some may not be aware of these indicators that can prove how emotionally intelligent they are, it is important to know that these elements could be what determines how successful you can become.

1. You are able to give and expect nothing in return

2. You don’t hold grudges

3. You can be grateful for what you have

4. You don’t take yourself or others too seriously

5. You can disconnect. You understand how to create a balance between work and life. You understand that to become more productive and reach more goals you have to take breaks and avoid any stresses that will put a dent on your mental and emotional health.

6. You are curious. You are always in search for answers and knowledge.

7. You can adapt.

8. You take care of your physical and mental well being

9. You can avoid toxic people

10. You are self aware. You know your strengths and your weaknesses. You know the environment or situation that can improve your success and those that won’t.

11. You are either committed or not. Emotionally intelligent people don’t sit on the fence. It is either you are into something or out of it. By sitting on the fence or creating such an impression you are unable to commit yourself to purposeful tasks. This leads to a large amount of stress and doesn’t help you channel your energy properly.

12. You can delay gratification. You are disciplined enough to say no to those things that really don’t fit into your priorities. You delay gratification and avoid rash and impulsive actions. This keeps you in the clear and makes you more purpose driven.

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