Mont Lone Ye Baw


Mont Lone Ye Baw is one of the eateries that symbolize the Water Festival, Thingyan, in Myanmar. People usually make Mont Lone Ye Baw and offer to neighbors and other revelers who roam around enjoying the Festival. Mont Lone Ye Baw is small glutinous rice dumplings stuffed with palm sugar. The literal meaning of Mont Lone Ye Baw is “Rice balls/ dumplings floating on water”, originating from the way Mont Lone Ye Baw is cooked; you roll the rice dough into balls, boil them in water and they float up when they are ready.

Now, let’s see what ingredients are needed and how it is made in the following recipe.


  1. Glutinous Rice – 8 cups
  2. Ordinary Rice – 2 cups
  3. Palm Sugar – 20 pieces
  4. Shredded Coconut – ½ coconut
  5. Apple Flavor Color – 1 tablespoon (add some water) (optional)

Step 1:

Stir glutinous rice and ordinary rice after pouring them into a bowl.

Step 2:

If you want some colors, add a tablespoon of Apple Flavor Color.

Step 3:

Drip some water into the powder and use your hands to mix the dough until you get a sticky consistency.

Step 4:

Cut the palm sugar into small pieces. And get the coconut shredded.


Step 5:

Stuff a piece of palm sugar into the center of the dough and roll it into small dumplings the size of marbles.


Step 6:

Boil the balls in hot boiling water. When they are ready, the balls will float on top of the water.

Step 7:

Drain them out of the water using the steel strainer and put them on a plate.


Step 8:

Spread shredded coconut on top for the balls. And there you go! You dish of Mont Lone Ye Baw is ready!

Mont Lone Yay Paw