Love Across The Miles


There used to be times when people would find their true love in the house next door or in the same town or in the town over from them. Space was never really that much of an issue when it comes to relationships. But things have changed drastically these days and people are expanding their horizons of possibilities far beyond their boundaries of their own city’s limits. Though it may have seemed taboo several years ago, the rising popularity of online dating has become a major trend. You may be separated by hundreds and even thousands of miles from your true loves and have to deal with that for quite a long time. But do you think it can actually work? Though it may not an easy feat, yes, if you both are committed enough, it can. Your long distance can turn into matrimonial bliss. Oh right, you hear me! Find out how to maintain your relationships in the following;

  1. As the interaction over the phone can become dull in the long run, it is important to incorporate other forms of interactions such as watching TV shows or movies simultaneously, or reading a certain book and talking about it or setting up your watches to go off at the same time every time. Whatever you can do, make it a point to think of each other, and revel in the fact that he or she is thinking about you, too.
  2. Communicate in some way everyday i.e., telling each other about your little triumphs and tragedies, asking on for advice, using an instant messenger, Skype for that visual connection, more importantly, sending gifts, cards and flowers for no reason. Do anything to maintain the emotional connection. Just don’t take the communication for granted.
  3. You should both maintain your social activities wherever you are. If you don’t trust one another, the insecurity will wear you both down sooner rather than later. So, be upfront leaving your partner no room to have questions, concerns, or trust issues.
  4. Support and encourage each other. You may find that you can do things for each other that you couldn’t quite find the motivation to do on your own. For instance, cooking better or learning some art crafts. It will give you something to strive for and talk about until you meet.
  5. Talk about your future together. Assuming that ultimately you’d want to live together, discussing how you’re going to get to that point will help you prove to each other that the relationship is going somewhere and that your efforts and frustrations are not in vain.
  6. Try to make the time to visit each other as often as possible or as often as your budget permits you to. A relationship cannot thrive if the only thing you have is the phone call. You need to see each other up close and personal every chance you get. Consistency can help a long-distance relationship survive.