Fun Facts About Women

Funny Looking Woman


1 – We set our alarm for 10 minutes earlier than needed and oversleep anyway.

2 – We always apply mascara with an open mouth. And if we ever attempt to shut our mouth, we mess it up and end up getting the mascara stain.

3 – We throw our phone into our big purse. And then spasmodically, look for it and can’t find it when it rings.

4 – We always carry around our big purse full of stuff that we never use, but we always think that one day we might need it right there.

5 – We arrange stuff into the right place and then, we forget where the right place was.

6 – We look for our glasses when they are right on top of our head.

7 – When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we often think, “It would be great to have a picture taken in this position.”

8 – When we are in a hurry, we always look for keys that we had in our hands just couple of seconds ago.

9 –We always need to keep two or more different shampoos, various conditioners, and two or more different shower gels in our bathroom.

10 – We definitely feel the need to check out how we look in the mirror before going outside.

11 – We always have nothing to wear, even if our closet is overloaded with stuff.

12 – We brush our hair before going to bed.

13 – When we go to public restrooms, we love going in groups, so that we can have a chat.

14 – We think that all beer tastes the same.

15 – We always dress up nicely and apply makeup to go grocery shopping, or just to empty the garbage.

16 – When we say, “well, nothing.” to a guy, we mean an entirely different thing.

17 – We are never wrong. We wait for men to take initiative and apologize.

18 – We drive miles out of our way, because we are scared of getting lost using a shortcut.

19 – When we cry, we would love someone to see it and offer us a cuddle.

20 – In entertainment, while men are seeking the escape from reality, we, ladies, on the other hand, look for stuff that reminds us about the real life.

21 – We are all afraid of bugs, spiders, cockroaches and mouses.

22 – When we go on a 3-day-trip, we usually pack over 7 outfits, just in case we will hesitate about what to wear.