7 Colors and What They Say About You


[pull_quote_center]Believe it or not, the colors you are attracted to say a lot about your personality. Understanding color can really decode a lot about the person you are, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Here are a few colors and what they say about you.[/pull_quote_center]

1 – Black

Black is known as the color of authority and power. It is also a fantastic choice for clothing because it will make you look thinner than you are. For those who frequently wear black, you appear independent, strong-willed and determined. You are a person who likes to have control over yourself and all situations.

2 – White

As you know, white has long been the color of purity. People, who like white, like cleanliness. People who frequently wear, decorate or buy white items are said to be cautious, practical, and careful with money. White personalities are not impulsive and they possess a lot of self control.

3 – Red

Red is best known as the color of energy and symbol of life. Red actually has the ability to make your heart race. People, who like red tend to crave attention, provide excitement, possess courage and confidence and are ambitious and competitive. Red personalities can gain respect from others very easily.

4 – Pink

If pink is your favorite color you are said to be loving, kind, generous and sensitive to the needs of others. Pink personalities have the warmth people are naturally drawn to. You have maternal instincts, as well as the need to protect those around you. Pink is also romantic and sensual.

5 – Blue

If you love blue, you are serene, reliable and trustworthy. The personality of blue is calm, peaceful and self-controlled. People who have blue personalities are even tempered. When people see blue they immediately relate it to the sky or ocean, and that makes them feel calm and at ease.

6 – Green

Green personalities want to belong and most often join social groups. It is said that people who like green wear their heart on their sleeve. This personality is practical, down to earth, compassionate and dependable. Individuals who are drawn to green are known for their listening skills, as well as having the ability to take control of a situation and see that it is resolved.

7 – Yellow

People who are drawn to yellow are cheerful, happy and evoke friendliness. These individuals are filled with creativity, but are also very critical of themselves. They are known to be perfectionists, and spend lots of time analyzing everything around them. Yellow personalities are impulsive.

The world is filled with all types of personalities. If we were all the same, life would be quite boring. So which colors are you attracted to the most?