26 Things I Hope My Daughter Never Has To Experience

Happy Mother And Daughter

I am a 23 years old girl. I carry this delightful dream of creating a lovely family after getting married to my beloved lover one day. In that dream, I visualize about having a little daughter as admirable as her father. Wouldn’t it be lovely if the reality is as good as what I imagine? But the reality is not as smooth as our daydreams. However, despite the tens of thousands of hurdles in life, the following are the list of things I wouldn’t want my future daughter to go through.

  1. Heartbreak from a man who did her wrong or who don’t understand depth and real beauty.
  2. Betrayal from a friend who was nothing but an enemy.
  3. Despair from being told she “can’t” too many times.
  4. Belittlement from a society that only judges on outward appearances.
  5. Insecurity from the women around her.
  6.  Inadequacy from images glamorized by the media.
  7.  Loss of faith in a world that continues to disappoint.
  8. Fear of the unknown.
  9. Envy of women who aren’t worth envying.
  10. Embarrassment of her flaws.
  11. Disappointment from those who are supposed to protect her.
  12. Shame of her body.
  13. Discouragement from those who are supposed to believe in her.
  14. Bullying from kids who were raised with no moral centers.
  15. Gender inequality in her newfound job.
  16. Lost moments from worrying about the future.
  17. Guilt for things she cannot change.
  18. Contempt for things unworthy of anger.
  19. Self doubt in her limitless abilities.
  20. Anxiety over the daily stresses of life.
  21. Grief for things that aren’t worth tears.
  22. Torment over the suffering of others.
  23. Obsession with the materialistic and the mundane.
  24. Preoccupation with people who don’t care.
  25. Finding her validation in another person.
  26. Feeling like she isn’t worthy of all she truly deserves in life.