10 Things Most Guys Don’t Notice About Women

Funny Looking Woman

Having conversations over the years with my male friends gave me a legit and honest understanding of how their brains function. We, women, tend to consider that men notice every single minute changes in our body or our lifestyle. But as it turned out, men are sometimes quite bad at picking up on small details. Let’s check out a few of the lists in the following.

1 – A new purse. For guys, it is just the old thing you put a bunch of stuffs in, except a different color. As far as guys are concerned, all purses look the same.

2 – Shaved/Unshaved legs. We often shave out even the very thin hair on our legs, thinking it is a great turn off. But guys don’t even notice it unless the hairs are noticeably thick and dark.

 3 – No makeup. Women never believe this, but sometimes guys do not notice we are wearing makeup. They really don’t. And then they get yelled at for lying. This is one of the life’s greatest mysteries.

4 – New shoes. Majority of them never look below anyone’s knees. That is a fact.

5 – Blush. They don’t know what blush is, so how can they even tell when we woman have changed it?

6 – Cellulite and stretch marks. I have never noticed a man complained about such an unimportant thing. We, women, are just being excessively critical about our own bodies.

7 – A new haircut. Going from Rapunzel to Rihanna is one thing. But unless you shaved your head, they are not going to realize your hair is half as inch shorter.

8 – Circles under the eyes. They might probably say, “Sorry for getting lost in the deep pool of vast and beautiful wilderness also known as your eyes and not noticing that you look kind of tired.”

9 – A new shade of lipstick. Even we sometimes find it hard to differentiate between the different shades of red-colored lipsticks. How can we possibly expect them to recognize the shades?

10 – New jeans. They can’t even tell the difference between their own jeans, let alone ours.